After so many years collaborating with different artists, running studio sessions and tours, across so many different styles, I'm back! And I feel at home. 

My new album "Vintage Soul" is a mix that embodies my personal experiences and takes the listener on an emotional journey. It’s what I feel! 

Vintage soul is a studio album of 7 songs, composed, produced and played on my dear love, the guitar. 

I’ve had the opportunity to play with some amazing musicians that I really admire so much, including Antonio Sanchez, Kemuel Roig, David Chiverton, Brian Charette, Nathaniel Stokes and more. 

And with the mixing and mastering of the amazing Alex Medina. 

The vibes felt in Vintage Soul represent my own life growing up as a kid in Colombia, and later moving to the United States where my jazz fusion style became solidified. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it!





1. Colombian dope fire - Nathaniel Stokes/ Drums, Joshua Esther/ Bass, Brian Charette/ Organ. Julian Avila/ Guitars. 

2. Vintage Soul - Nathaniel Stokes/ Drums, Joshua Esther/ Bass, Brian Charette/ Organ, Julian Avila/ Guitars. 


3. Say no more - David Chiverton/ Drums, Diogo Brown/ Bass, Vaughn Henry/ Organ and Rhodes, Julian Avila Guitars. 


4. Tesla - Antonio Sanchez/ Drums, Joshua Esther/ Bass, Kemuel Roig/ Piano, Julian Avila/ Guitars. 

5. Emi’s Lullaby - Nathaniel Stokes/ Drums, Daniel Mateo Avila/ Bass, Julian Avila/ Guitars, Lap guitar. 

6. Norte a Sur - David Chiverton /Drums, Diogo Brown/ Bass, Vaughn Henry/Organ, Julian Avila/ Guitars. 

7. Jaco’s Town -David Chiverton/ Drums, Diogo Brown/ Bass, Vaughn Henrry/ Organ, Julian Avila/ Guitars 


Julian Avila, producer,arranger, composer and sound engineering. 

Alex Medina Mix and mastering engineer. 

Recorded by Alex Medina, Joseph Salamida and Julian Avila.